About Us

Integrated Marketing Group is a strategic Marketing Data Services Company based in Asheville, NC with a solid history and passion for helping clients and prospects build successful direct marketing campaigns across all marketing channels.  We support clients both regionally and nationally.


Integrated Marketing Group gets results using behavioral response data, cutting edge marketing strategies and industry expertise to deliver measurable results for our trusted clients.  We have knowledge in consumer goods, recruitment, entertainment, travel, healthcare, continued education and more.

Whether you are responsible for setting strategies for your marketing organization or working directly with clients who are, we can help.  We can be your objective resource into the world of marketing data. 

We develop and execute marketing campaigns that MAKE a difference.

Laurie Kerge
CEO & President

Laurie Kerge is a Marketing Professional with over 25 years direct marketing and digital marketing experience. She has a strong track record of demonstrated success in the areas of direct marketing, multi-channel marketing, loyalty marketing, and database development.  She is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, eMarketing Association, and Database Marketers Group.

When Laurie is not managing IMG and helping her clients find innovative solutions, you will find her out in nature, hiking, kayaking, or traveling. She is passionate about fundraising and giving back to her community.  She is involved with organizing fundraising events and raising money for Non-profits throughout Western North Carolina.

Deb Wright brings to IMG more than a decade of sales and marketing experience. She has a strong background in data management and analysis. Deb also brings the talent of relationship building and maintaining loyal connections with her clients and her customers. Her background as an efficiency and proficiency analyst greatly helps to maintain our project deadlines and keep our process streamlined.

When Deb is not helping her clients, she, like Laurie, is an animal lover. She also dabbles in folk art and jewelry making. If given the opportunity, Deb will make you laugh. It’s hard to have a negative thought when you’re laughing.

Deb Wright
Solutions Manager