Digital Solutions

Reach Customers and Prospects Virtually, Everywhere

Mobility is very much at the heart of our culture right now.  It fulfills the consumer’s desire to stay connected and helps them get tasks done while on the move. Today’s consumer and business professional wants information delivered to them that is relevant and meaningful.

Digital channels have opened up tremendous opportunities for direct marketers.  From email addresses to IP addresses, today’s digitally connected consumers can be reached anywhere, any time — virtually. Digital marketing allows marketers to track their Return on investment more quickly and accurately.

Digital Solutions

  •           Digital Strategy
  •           Email Marketing Services
  •           Retargeting and Strategic Banner
  •           Behavioral Audience Targeting
  •           Data Mining and Growth Acquisition
  •           Web & Social Media Retargeting


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Holly PaulusOwner
Nexxa Group, Inc. and Merit Credit, Inc.

apostrophes  IMG exudes energy and excitement into everything they do! They always works with their clients' interests in mind, consistently providing strategic solutions and ensuring that their campaigns were a success.